How to order

Wish someone special a happy birthday, tell someone that you love them, have your blog header written in a unique and stylish way, tell someone 'get well soon' - the list of what you can write is almost endless!

Messages must be restricted to 3 words maximum, plus a name OR a symbol (heart, smiley face, etc). This is due to the quality of the written message - it is difficult (almost impawsible!) for us to write a long message in the sand without getting footprints and pawprints all over the message too! And fitting a long message into a clear photograph is also difficult.

Click here to view our gallery and see just how beautifully effective our messages are!

Once you have decided what message you wish us to write ordering a message couldn't be easier! Simply send us an e-mail at pawsofpeaceATgmailDOTcom....


....and let us know two simple things:-

  • The message that you would like written (maximum of 3 words plus name OR symbol)
  • What message style would you prefer - i) message being washed by the tide; ii) message with a more 'seaside' look amongst seaweed and shells or; iii) beautifully plain (just sand!)
We will then send you an invoice - all messages are currently being sold for the SPECIAL price of just $1.00. This price is for LIMITED PERIOD only and will be increased to $3.00 per message from October so make the most of this offer! (Similar sites offer sand messages from approx $35.00!) Once you have paid we will write your message and e-mail you the photo.

Please note that we are restricted by local tides so your message could take up to a week to be written - we are obviously unable to write messages when there is high tide during our walk time! (FH walks full time so we're unable to visit the beach at different times of the day.)