About Sand-Script

Sand-Script is part of The Crossed Paws Organisation

We have been writing and photographing messages in the sand for our pals for many months and we'd now like to now offer YOU the opportunity to have leave a unique and pawsonal message for that special someone too!

We are lucky pups as we live in a coastal town in England, UK and get to go to the beach most days. This is where your message will be written - on a sandy beach located on the South East coast of England.

Messages are currently being offered for the VERY special price of $1.00 each. Yes, you DID read that right - just $1.00 a-piece! This is a limited offer as prices will rise to $3.00 from October.

100% of all monies raised from Sand-Script (excluding PayPal fees) goes directly to helping doggies or kitties in need. Where these monies will be used will be decided by the Crossed Paws organisation which is dedicated to helping those who need it - click HERE to view our main Crossed Paws fundraising site.

The unique thing about messages in sand is that the elements of our local beach are constantly changing. The tide is continually moving up and down the beach, creating a different consistency to the sand grains each time we write. Sometimes the sand is smooth and easy to work with, while other times it can be full of rocks and coarser grains. There is also the sun - photographs taken in the morning vary greatly from those taken at sunset.

Mother nature and the ever-changing seasons we experience in our country means that no two messages will be alike - your message will truly be unique! So, if you are looking for a 'one of a kind' and inexpensive memento you've found it. You could turn your message photograph into a print, into cards, into invitations - the list goes on and on!

Try Sand-Script messages today - we guarantee you, your friends and your family will be delighted by the results and you'll be helping a good cause at the same time. That sounds like a 'win-win' situation to us!